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Teryn R.

"I actually ended up making the team for the first time in 3 years which, I credit to your guys' program..."


I actually ended up making the team for the first time in 3 years which, I credit to your guys' program, because I showed up able to do more push ups than I have in the past. Competition was a mix of soldier skills and physical prowess. We began with a 4.7 mi foot march, then ran through multiple stations including crew served weapons drills, Squad assault, and Squad on Squad paintball (which we dominated, completely obliterating the other team within 5 minutes). Last day was a 7 mi casualty EXFIL foot march. We were all linked together by 6ft of cord each and had to carry a 250 lb sandbag for 4.5 miles. That was a true test of grit.

I remember there was a period where your workouts just killed my forearms. My grip strength was found to be my weakest part and I worked hard to improve it while I was with you guys. And wow, did I feel the benefits of that during that last march. We ended up carrying the sand bags with a four man pole-less litter which just burned out your forearms and grip.

So again, thanks for all the attention you gave me and encouragement, it's truly paid off."

Teryn - second row, second from the left.

Teryn - second row, second from the left.

Chuck N.

In 2010-2011, I was at my heaviest weight (350+) and most out of shape. At that time I was also on three different pills for my high blood pressure and heart (BP 200+/160+ and that was on medications). I was also pre-diabetic and on a pills for that also. All my joints, my back, and my feet hurt all the time, I could not even climb a small set of stairs without loosing my breath. At about that time I started a new job and was working with Kyle Hollenbeck.

I spoke to Kyle about changing my health and he talked me into joining his gym. I had my doubts, I had tried gyms on my own but I lost the weight, started eating healthier, and going to the gym three times a week. Thanks to Kyle and Corey at Valor I am in the best shape of my life, at age 46. I am off all my medications (BP at my last appointment was 110/70) and my blood cholesterol is better than a teenager, according to my doctor. I am now running 5K’s, Warrior Dashes, and Military Style Obstacle Courses.

Diana F.

I started out 2014 having just ordered my wedding dress and paid for my renewal membership at Planet Fitness. I knew I had to buckle down and get going on my weight loss if I wanted to feel and look great for my wedding in October. Three weeks went by and I had not yet stepped in the gym. I had spent the previous year using the same cardio equipment and weight machines every day without results. It took my a couple weeks to gain the courage to go, but I thank myself every day that I did.

My first day was scary but informative. Corey went over some stretching and mobility exercises with me, along with a short circuit of simple moves such as push ups and squats. I survived! I didn’t give up. I was able to do everything. I didn’t die. The progress was slow at first, but it has been worth it. I used to think I would never get passed a certain weight in kettle bells or never be able to do more than five push ups. However, learning modifications and proper form has helped me go forward. I have gone beyond what I ever thought I could do, and I am still going. My nutrition has improved tremendously thanks to Corey meeting with me one on one to create nutrition guidelines tailored to me (perk of being a member!) They make meal plans and recipes available to all members online, and are always posting informative articles.

While I have only lost about 20 pounds since January, I have lost 14 inches total on my body in 4 months and gained pounds of muscle. Seven months later, I couldn’t imagine where I would be if I hadn’t taken that step into Valor. I truly value my time at the gym. It’s my time to challenge myself and improve the quality of my life. I’m not just building muscle in class, I’m building confidence and self worth. I don’t just lose pounds and inches, I also lose the excuses and walls I have built. I have gained friends , a sense of belonging and a support system. I’m not just striving to fit in my wedding dress anymore, I’m striving for a stronger, healthier life.

Brandon M.

I had never worked out in a class setting but I was instantly hooked. The class had students that were just as eager to push themselves as I was. Our ability to push each other and challenge each other has given me the drive to take my fitness to the next level. I'm stronger and more conditioned that I've ever been. Member and trainers alike assist in getting you to where you want to be. I've never been more satisfied and I continue to look forward to being pushed father than I've ever been.

Eric C.

For years I've always been "lazy" when it came to working out. I would constantly go through fazes where I would workout for a month or 2 and then get bored and stop because it got to repetitive or I had no more motivation. I tried different gyms and many different styles of working out and they all became extremely boring. I decided I should give it a try. From the first workout I had with him I knew this was the gym for me, between the training and the variety of workouts that was offered the motivation that I lacked for so long came back and stayed with me to this day.

Since day one Corey helped me continue to push myself and everyone else that I workout with, we all push and motivate each others as well. They offer the best training I have ever received and the workouts always push me no matter how many times I've done them. I have noticed some amazing results and feel much better and in shape by being apart of Valor. Thank you to Corey for all the hard work, we are #ValorStrong.


John M.

I was always playing sports growing up, but once I was out of school it was difficult to keep active and stay motivated while exercising by myself. Eventually I just stopped all together. I started working out at Valor about 8 months ago, and staying motivated has not been a problem. I have seen tremendous gains in my strength and endurance, lifting more and exercising longer than I have ever been able to. Everyone within the classes keeps each other motivated, and it really does make a difference on those days when I would rather just sit at home and skip a workout. I would not have been able to do it without the help and support from Corey, Thank you!

Rob P.

Before Valor I was a gym rat. But not the good kind. The one who went to the gym everyday, but played on his phone between sets and never pushed himself. I struggled to keep weight on and just felt so burned out from going through the motions without results.. Since Valor,  I've gained ten pounds since joining and have never felt so athletic. These pictures show me the day I started to one year later.