Overview of the Program

In our adult classes, we instruct you on how to perform functional movements utilizing dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and your bodyweight to develop functional strength and conditioning. You will burn far and gain muscle all while improving your strength, fitness, balance, coordination, endurance, and agility!

Clients in these classes have varying levels of skill and experience, and we make sure to assess your current fitness level before assisting you in the movements. Our trainers can help to modify the workouts to accommodate any injuries or physical difficulties you might have to ensure your workout is as personalized and beneficial as possible. Our classes are divided into Conditioning & Fat Loss and Strength & Speed classes. Members can design a weekly schedule that includes either solely one class type or a combination of the two. 

In addition, we offer nutritional coaching to help you reach your fitness goals. 


About Adult Classes

Conditioning & Fat Loss

This class focuses on complete conditioning: cardio endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. It is designed to build strength and promote fat loss through structured periods of work and rest.

Strength & Power

This classes focuses exclusively on promoting overall physical power, which is a product of both strength and speed. Optimal power reflects how quickly you can exert force through a given movement and range of motion. The goal is to develop functional strength and speed, increase lean muscle mass, and develop the fast twitch muscle fibers.

If you're interested in learning more about how Valor can help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals, please reach out to us using the form below. If you are interested in youth athletic performance classes, please visit our Valor Strong site. 


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