5 Values for Unlimited Success

Valor is more than just a gym. It is based upon a set of 5 Values that we hold ourselves to. By living these values, you can accomplish the goals that you bring in to us that you want to reach. Whether it's to lose weight, be a more explosive athlete, or get stronger, adhering to these values is the key. #VALORSTRONG, our athlete of the month, is a recognition of the one member living these values. These values are lived in and out of the gym,  in workouts, diet, and relationships with others.


Have the integrity to put your best foot forward when no one is looking. When you're doing 8 sets of 20 second on/10 second off kettlebell swings, it's the integrity to work to the buzzer and not dropping the weight early...you're exhausted, you're sweaty, your pulse is racing...your brain is screaming for you to quit, that no one will care if you drop it before the buzzer....BUT you keep on going until you hear the buzzer. You won. Wait 10 seconds and do it again.


This is for the members that sign up for three days a week and come to all three days.  This is setting up a diet plan and sticking to it even if its Saturday night. This is sitting with the coaches and creating goals and fighting day in and day out to accomplish them. This is persevering through pain, through discomfort, through heat to be the best you can be. No excuses!

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 7.24.49 PM.png


Accountability is tied to the hip of Commitment.  While commitment is the process of sticking to a goal, accountability is the admission to all your actions are a personal choice. We are all accountable in the gym. If we falter by taking a step back in our goals, we need to be step up and own it.



Have the strength to face your fears head on. This is trying new exercises with an open mind. This is trying a new diet with an open mind. This is trusting us to help you live a more healthy lifestyle.



Be a part of something greater than yourself; a community and support network of like-minded individuals. Valuing family is more than just showing up and having friends in the gym. It's seeing someone with improper form on an exercise and helping them correct it. It's spotting someone during a squat or benchpress.  It's respecting someone else by going all out on a race and not taking easy on them.